The Sacred Flow

In the Old Testament the sacred/divine does a whole lot. It creates the world, it awakens people to its presence, and at one point, it even shares one possible name that we could refer to it as. YHVH (or W instead of V if you prefer). This name harkens and reminds us of the Divine presence in the lives of those who are chained and broken; a name of a divine being that supports and advocates for the marginalized and oppressed. It also reminds us of Th divine’s ever presence and it’s role in creation as a whole. It’s a reminder of the image of the divine the rests in us all. That all is true, but it’s more than that.

If you noticed in that name there were no vowels. Jewish and biblical scholars have placed vowel points into the name to give us Yahweh/Jehova, which is wonderful and helps us put a physical name to this being. However, there is another way to interpret and read this name. In the original Hebrew, the letters used are yod-heh-vod-heh. Without the vowels inserted in to make it the tradition Yahweh, these 4 letters read much more like a breath. Imagine if every breath you took was you saying The Savred’s name, reminding us of everything that the Sacred stands for. Salvation, freedom, creation, and the image of th divine.

This connects very well with the theological belief that the divine is the ground of our being. The divine is life, which is the ground work for everything within the universe. Stars are living and breathing things, as are plants, organic matter, minerals, molecules, animals, and everything else within the cosmos. The divine’s presence and very image resides within every breath that we take and within all of our experiences. The creative, liberative, divine presence is flowing within us and through us even when we don’t realize it is. Even more so, it is also living and flowing through everyone and everything else.

I don’t know if you have ever had one of those experiences where you just felt super connected with every single other living being but I definitely have and I know that I am not the only one in the world who has either. I was in my senior year of college and my girlfriend from England had recently broken up with me. Now I had moved on from her because we simply just were not a good fit, however her breaking up with me threw a lot of things in doubt for me. I was planning on moving to The UK to be a youth worker over there after college, but all of a sudden that wasn’t happening and I was completely lost and unsure what I was going to do after college which, by the way, was ending in mere months. Needless to say, I get lost and disconnected. Anyway, getting on with my story. I was working at the library coffee shop which happened to be pretty dead at that point, despite the crowd of studying students in the library around me. Since it was pretty quiet, I decided to start listening to some music inspired by the works of CS Lewis (one of the most influential writers in my life) and the song weight of glory came on. The song talks about how we are all destined for something greater than this, a very core belief and theme found within many of Lewis’s works. It was at that moment that I get a divine connectedness between myself and all my peers studying that evening. It was almost as if the divine image, the sacred flow as it were, was shining and moving throughout all individuals, including myself, all at the same time. It was at that moment that I came to realize that we are all tied together, as brothers and sisters, into the sacred flow. No matter your religion or background or race or byasses or viewpoints and way of life, we all hear the image of the divine. We all flow within the river of the sacred. Every breath that touches and leaves our lips is life; is the divine; is the sacred flow inside of us all.

So what? Why does this matter? As a mediator this means a whole lot to me. It means that no matter where you are at, we are connected and work together to make this we’d a better place, to honor the sacred flow that ties us together. I can learn and grow by being connected to a Muslim or a Hindu or a buhdist and vice versa. It helps us to tear down these walls of division society has created for us. It helps us to strip it down to baring our souls with one another and to experience life. After all, the name and presence of the divine is life itself, and that presence flows within each and everyone of us; as the Bible says, we are image bearers. Let us embrace that which ties us together. Let us embrace the Sacred Flow.




This is a personal blog and does not necessarily represent the views of Community Church or any groups mentioned here


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