The Restoration of All Things

On this Easter Sunday, as I sat in our church sanctuary, pondering upon the cross instead of listening to the sermon (because unless I’m driving it’s really hard for me to sit and actively listen to someone speaking or preaching) I thought about Jesus’ resurrection, particularly the version found in John. 

In the Gospel of John, Jesus’ tomb is situated in a garden. This is a two fold symbolism. Gardens generally symbolize new growth and rebirth. As spring comes, plants begin budding out of the fertile soil, give give new life and new fruit. Bringing both Beauty and sustenance. The second image is that of the Garden of Eden, a symbol of divine and human unity. One where all is whole, where humanity and the soil were in the same rhythm and movement. Where it all flowed triumely together. 

This, according to the writer of John, is what the resurrection represents. Rebirth. A springing forth, a freedom from death into new life, bearing both beauty and good fruit. It also represents a returning to unity between the divine, the human, and the earthen creation that abound around us. Jesus’ resurrection is not just for white evangelicals or bible thumpers or Mennonites or methodists or any other singular group. Jesus’ resurrection brings ALL things back into unity, restoring, making new, springing forth like a bright tulip peeking out of the ground for the first time. Full of wonder, ready to bear both beauty and fruit, being in union with all things. This is the gospel message. This is the resurrection of Jesus. He is risen, and He has brought us all together once more. 
Grace and Peace

This is a personal blog and does not necessarily represent the views of Community Church or any groups mentioned here


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